Do you know your evacuation zone?


Hurricane Isaias’ projected path, per National Hurricane Center

Kaitlyn Bowers, Video Director

Hurricanes are extremely unpredictable and while there isn’t an evacuation order currently in effect, it is important to know where you need to go if things take a turn for the worse. Luckily, there are resources right at your fingertips to find out what evacuation zone you belong to. 

Below is a map of all the evacuation zones in Jacksonville, which are divided into 6 different zones:

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However, this can be completely overwhelming if you’re not a property developer or cartographer. The city of Jacksonville’s website has provided a search system that will allow citizens to simply put their address into a search engine, which will then provide them with their evacuation zone. 

As for students who live on campus, it’s important to know that UNF does not have an evacuation zone. Instead, The Department of Residence Life suggest that residents should evacuate if they have a place to go. However, those who do not have anywhere to go will be directed to the UNF shelter. It is advised that those who stay on campus and have a car should move their car to a different location off-campus or onto the third floor of the parking garage due to the possibility of flooding. 

Currently, there is no need to evacuate. However, in a situation of a possible impending natural disaster, it is essential to have a plan in place. 

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