Update on UNF’s pool construction

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

One of the most interesting sights to behold post winter break for returning students was the large fence tarps and construction behind the Wellness Center adjacent to the Field House. For the hundreds of students who park their cars in Lot 18, and walk to the main UNF campus, it’s hard to miss.

Image by Nathan Turoff, Features Editor.

This is the site of UNF’s new Pool Complex. After years of planning, construction finally began in August of last year, with an estimated completion date later this year in June. The contractors building the new complex, Ajax Building Company, were gracious enough to allow Spinnaker to tour the construction site.

Ajax Building Company are no stranger to projects for UNF. They handled several previous projects, including the construction of the Osprey Clubhouse and the Wellness Center. They explained how the new complex will mirror the design of the adjacent Wellness Center, with stylish brick walls and a slanted steel roof. 

Image by Nathan Turoff, Features Editor.

Ajax Building Company explained many of the pool’s new features, as well as their state-of-the-art building techniques. The pool will have the ability to be heated or cooled in order to accommodate corresponding weather conditions. The deepest end of the Olympic-sized pool will be 8 feet, so no diving will be permitted.


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