Prof reminisces on shuttle program


As of 2:02 a.m., NASA’s final space shuttle, Atlantis, has been in orbit for four days.

Atlantis’ crew installed the Raffaello multipurpose logistics module filled with supplies and spare parts to uphold International Space Station operations for after the shuttles are retired.

The launch was an emotional experience for longtime NASA fans.

Dr. Mike Reynolds is the winner of the Astronomy Society’s 2009 annual outreach and leadership award for his ongoing efforts to lead star gazing adventures here and abroad to promote astronomy education.

One of Dr. Reynold’s most cherished memories was watching Alan Shepard, the 1st American to journey into space on a 15-minute orbit around Earth that launched from Kennedy Space Center.

Without a man-in-space program, students will not have the same opportunities to see shuttle launches.

Reynolds, who was a part of the Teachers in Space Program, says the Challenger shuttle launch affected his perspective of the launches that followed.

Dr. Reynolds said that private enterprise would hopefully become more involved now that NASA is cutting its program.

Reynolds said he was very excited for Atlantis to launch into space although it is the end of an era.