Walmart making an exit from the sale of military-style ammunition

Erik Feliciano, General Assignment Reporter

Earlier in August, Walmart received a large amount of scrutiny for continuing the sale of firearms and allowing the open carry of firearms in their stores after two shootings happened in one week, one taking place in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas claiming the lives of over 20 people. Recently, Walmart has made the announcement that they would end the sale of military-style ammunition, as well as ban the ability to open carry in their stores. 

In a memo written by Walmart CEO Doug McMilon to Walmart employees, he stated that “It’s clear to us that the status quo is unacceptable.” 

In the memo, it states that certain ammunition such as .223 and 5.56 would be discontinued in all Walmart stores. While this type of ammunition is commonly used in hunting rifles, they can also be used in military-style weapons. It also stated that while concealed carry will continue to be permitted in all stores, open carry will no longer be allowed, unless the carriers are authorized law enforcement.

“We are respectfully requesting that customers no longer openly carry firearms into our stores or Sam’s Clubs in states where “open carry” is permitted,” the memo reads.

It also states that Walmart will be discontinuing handgun sales in Alaska, marking their complete exit from the sale of that type of firearm.

Current Florida gun laws include:

  • Allowing law enforcement to petition for extreme risk protection orders
  • Three day waiting period before the purchase of a firearm
  • Restrict gun purchases under the age of 21
  • If the owner fails to secure a firearm and make them inaccessible to minors, the owner is liable. 
  • Certain types of ammunition are non-transferable

With the restrictions Walmart will enforce on top of the pre-existing gun laws, restrictions on the use of guns, as well as purchasing of gun related equipment, will be much larger.


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