UNF chapter of Chi Phi uses controversial questionnaire

Darvin Nelson, General assignment reporter

Love it or hate it, Greek life has a certain stigma surrounding it. Perpetuating this stigma, the UNF chapter of Chi Phi has recently created a questionnaire for its new members that seems to have raised some eyebrows among fraternities here at UNF.

What seems like a joke to some, comes off as very concerning and even ill-disposed to most. “If you had a nuke who would you hit,” and “How many fifth graders could you confidently beat up” are just some of the questions that are used in the questionnaire. 

A photo of a questionnaire
Photo courtesy of anonymous source.

A Chi Phi member shared his experiences and thoughts about UNF’s Chi Phi Chapter with Spinnaker.

“All the stereotypes are pretty much true about Greek life, with the partying and stuff unfortunately,” the source said.“The pledging experience was awful. I hated it. It was 8-12 weeks of being treated like trash.” 

He said that the poor experience doesn’t extend to sorority life.

“They hold themselves up to a higher standard,” he said.“The council does a really good job of keeping the girl’s GPAs up and getting them involved with philanthropy. It’s just awful that Greek life only gets a bad reputation because of fraternities. If your values conflicted with theirs, the fraternity might not like you in the end.”


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