Students protest preachers on the Green

Heydi Ortiz and Brett Newia

In the mid-afternoon heat of Oct. 2, upset students protested preachers on the Green who they said made them feel uncomfortable and made rude remarks toward others walking by.

“ ‘We practice beastiality,’ ‘We’re baby killers,’ he insulted one of our trans friends…” said UNF student, Laryssa Fanny.

This comes after a series of debates surrounding the preachers and speakers, which the Szymanski administration says is protected under full freedom of speech on campus.

“It really, really hurts me when I come onto campus and I see stuff like this — people preaching hate and condemning people and telling them that they’re going to go to hell, and that if they don’t believe in God they’re stupid,” said sophomore student, Jonathan Woodbine. “People see people harassing other people and telling them that they’re stupid and they think that’s what Christianity is about and it’s not. It’s about love.”


Video by Brett Nweeia.


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