Halloween Special: Spinnaker tells ghost stories

Video by Katie Bowers

Courtney Green, News Editor

We’ve all got a ghost story, real or passed down. Here are a few for you to carry through the Halloween evening.

The Ghost in the Yard

“So this is a real ghost story. It happened when I was in high school. I live out in the country — you wouldn’t even know my small town if I mentioned it. I was walking home from school down my dirt driveway, and I was home alone — and I knew I would be home alone when I got there. I didn’t see my mom’s car. I’m coming down my driveway, and I was in this phase where I thought I wanted to be a photographer, so I was taking pictures of the sky because I thought it was pretty at the moment, and also pictures of the treeline and a little bit of my driveway.

“Later that night, when I was lying in bed scrolling through my camera roll, I realized that there was a picture in there that shouldn’t have been. There was this shadowy figure standing on my driveway, staring at me.” — Courtney Green, News Editor

The Eyes

“One time I was at my great uncles beach house in Panama City, and I did not want to sleep in the guest room because there was this really creepy, really old picture, so I decided to sleep in the living room, even though the living room was also creepy. So, I was all alone in the living room and it was around 2 o’clock in the morning, and I was snapchatting somebody. I took a picture of myself and then I looked at it and there were two glowing eyes behind me. And there was nothing on the wall behind me — it was just a blank wall. So what was the two glowing eyes?” — Katie Bowers, Video Director

Last Halloween…

“This story may or may not be true. I would air on the side of ‘may not.’

“Last Halloween, some unruly teenagers got together to hand out candy to little kids and they decided to make a little fun and spook the kids. So obviously they got a bucket of water — you know, your casual Halloween tricks instead of treats — got some toilet paper and they’re gonna do something big. They’re getting ready to leave the house and they’ve got all their gear — and they hear a scratching noise. A very faint but very there scratching noise. So they say ‘hey, we should probably stay inside and see what’s making this noise before we head out tonight because it’s Halloween night and some spooky stuff is happening.’ And so then they set all the stuff down and peek outside their door and they see…just a faint ghost of a little boy scratching on their front door…wearing a hotdog costume and a witch hat, saying ‘Hi, I’m the Wicked Weiner!’ The End.” — Lianna Norman, Editor-in-Chief

Stay spooky, Ospreys!


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