Mechanics? Who needs ’em!: UPD offers basic vehicle maintenance class

Kaitlyn Bowers

Ethan Mclaughlin, Reporter

Karen Livingston, an officer with the University Police Department at UNF, is very passionate about helping students learn how to fix and maintain their cars. 

“I want to make sure that kids here on campus are safe with operating their car and understanding how their car works and if they break down, knowing what to do instead of being clueless on the side of the road,” said Officer Livingston.

In this vehicle maintenance course, she teaches participants how to take care of their vehicle so they will know what to do in an emergency situation. From letting every student change a tire from start to finish, to how to check fuses, this class can teach everyone a little something about vehicle maintenance.

Officer Livingston hopes to hold this course at least twice a semester.