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Lianna Norman, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to Uni News, Spinnaker’s rundown of the top stories of the week – every Friday. On this podcast, our team will give a quick recap of the news room’s favorite stories that week. All stories mentioned in the podcast will be available in the links below if you’d like to read more. You can also listen to our podcast air on 95.5 fm WSKR every every Friday at 2 p.m.


UNF Faculty Association vote against investing in fossil fuels

The University of North Florida Faculty Association has become the first public faculty association in Florida to adopt a resolution urging their university to stop investing in industries promoting the use of fossil fuels…read more here.

Eagles fall prey to Bird of Trey

The Birds of Trey lived up to their name as they defeated the Georgia Southern Eagles, 80-77, with a constant three-point attack led by JT Escobar…read more here.

Szymanski responds to neo-Nazi posters on campus

The University has made a statement following the alleged neo-Nazi posters found on campus…read more here.


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