Police beat 1/8: new year, new police beats

Alex Bowman, Police Reporter

Drunk before 6 p.m.

Late Tuesday afternoon, a UPD officer responded to a call about a woman who was passed out in the dirt, face down, between Building 1 and 10, according to a report.

When the officer was on his way to the scene, the caller informed him that the woman had allegedly sat up and was screaming at everyone who was around her.

According to the report, once the officer arrived, he noticed the woman was disoriented and appeared to be intoxicated. When investigating the scene, the officer found a 375 ml. bottle of Jagermeister Select 56 in the woman’s book bag. The woman, smelling like alcohol, continued to yell profanities and scream when the officer tried to talk to her.

Eventually, Rescue 50 arrived to check the woman’s vitals and blood sugar. However, she refused to be transported to a local hospital. Furthermore, she couldn’t stand on her own and wouldn’t provide the officer with contact information of someone who could pick her up and take her home.

When officers attempted to help the woman stand up, she fought with them and tried to kick them, resulting in her arrest for disorderly intoxication.

Later that night, it was brought to the officers’ attention that the woman needed to be transported to UF Shands hospital for medical clearance. When they arrived at Shands, the woman continued to yell and scream at anyone she came close to. Eventually, she was absentee booked and placed under guard, according to the report.

Her car wasn’t the only green thing in Lot 12 that day

Earlier this week, a young woman was found in possession of marijuana, according to a report.

When a UPD officer was conducting a property check in Lot 12, he noticed a parking violation and went to investigate. When the officer approached the vehicle, he could smell marijuana. The officer asked the young woman, who was in the car, if she had marijuana in the car. She handed him a small bag of what appeared to be marijuana, according to the report.

After further investigation, the officer found that the young woman’s driver’s license had been suspended. The officer issued an NTA to the woman and asked her to leave the property.

UPD turned the marijuana into JSO.

Bike theft

On Jan. 6, a UPD officer was dispatched to Lot 7 to talk to a student who reported a stolen bike, according to a report.

When the officer arrived, he met with the student who said she had locked her bike to the rack in front of the Crossings dorm on Dec. 13 and when she returned to check it earlier this week, the bike was missing.

The officer investigated where the student said her bike had been and found that whoever had stolen the bike had removed the lock and cable and took it as well. The victim said she was sure she had locked the bike with the cable. However, neither the bike nor the cable and lock were found on the scene, according to the report.

Unfortunately, there was no video surveillance of the area.

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