Five days after the Iowa Caucus, we finally have the results

Courtney Green, News Editor

After a mess of epic proportions thanks to a failing app and then jammed phone lines, we finally know who won the Iowa Caucus: Pete Buttigieg and, trailing closely behind, Bernie Sanders.

Buttigieg walked away with 26.2% of the Iowa vote, while Sanders came out of the fray and confusion with 26.1%. Holding third, Elizabeth Warren landed a solid 18%.

Notably, Joe Biden came in fourth place with 15.6%.

Yang pulled about 1% of the vote.

The lack of results earlier in the week is credited to an app that was developed specifically to make reporting easier, ironically. When precinct chairs tried to call in the results to the Democratic Party headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa instead, the lines became jammed.

The Democratic National Convention chair, Tom Perez, has ordered that the app not be used again in other states because of the headache and uncertainty its failure caused. At this juncture, he has also ordered a recanvass — a review of the worksheets from each caucus site to make sure numbers were reported accurately.

Another winner of the night was President Donald Trump, who won the Republican’s own Iowa Caucus and who has enjoyed watching the trouble the Democrats have gone through to name their winners.

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