Police Beat: Lost phone at Oz Fest and Trash Cans thrown out…into a lake

Alex Bowman, Police Reporter

Lost phone at Oz Fest

According to an incident report, on Feb. 21, a young woman at Oz Fest claimed she lost her cell phone.

An officer met with the young woman to hear what had happened. The young woman said she had been at the concert when she became anemic and decided to leave the area to catch her breath. It was at this point that the young woman realized she didn’t have her phone. 

The young woman told the officer she didn’t think anyone had stolen the phone, but rather that she had lost it during the concert.

Trash Cans thrown into the lake at Osprey Hall

Early Sunday morning, a UNFPD officer responded to a call about vandalism behind Osprey Hall, according to a report.

The complainant had notified UPD that there were two men throwing objects into the lake behind Osprey Hall. When the officer arrived, he noticed that the trash can near the east entrance to the wooden bridge had been tossed into the lake along with a metal bench and a bike. Additionally, the officer discovered the trash can next to the back entrance to Osprey Hall was ripped from its foundation damaging the trash can which was tossed into the lake as well.

The officer checked the surrounding area, and didn’t find any other damage, according to the report. UPD emailed Physical Facilities in order to retrieve the items from the lake.

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