Biden wins South Carolina, placing him 4 delegates behind Sanders

Courtney Green, News Editor

The South Carolina polls closed Saturday night, immediately naming Joe Biden as the state’s winner.

With the win, Biden garnered 39 delegates. In contrast, Sanders walked away second place with 13 delegates.

Tom Steyer walked away with 2 delegates.

None of the other candidates found themselves with any new delegates.

Sanders still holds the most delegates from his combined previous wins, totaling at 58.

Biden trails Sanders with 54 delegates.

Pete Buttigieg, who started the race strong, has since diminished. He is behind the top two contenders, totaling only 26 delegates.

Pete Buttigieg ended his campaign late Sunday night. On the eve of Super Tuesday, only six candidates remain: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bloomberg, and Elizabeth Warren.

The general election is 255 days away.

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