How to stay calm during the pandemic

Breanna Cataldo, General Assignment Reporter

With COVID-19 coverage taking over the internet and swarming the lives of many, it’s important to know how to remain as cool, calm and collected as possible. 

The Counseling Center Director, Dr. Richmond Wynn, was more than happy to share some helpful tips on how to deal with the hardships during this time. 

  • Be informed: It’s important to understand what’s going on around you on a day to day basis. Due to COVID-19, life is changing. That being said, Dr. Wynn also recommended getting your information from verified resources. There will always be false information spread on the internet, so in order to keep your mind in the right headspace, make sure your source is legit.
  • Limit the information you’re exposed to: As mentioned earlier, it’s important to remain informed. Sometimes, however, too much can have a negative outcome. If you’re already stressed, consuming negative news and social media posts can make things worse. Keep yourself necessarily updated, but remember to take some breathers as well. 
  • Pay attention to yourself and others: People respond differently in times of stress. If you know someone or personally struggle with depression, addiction, anxiety or other mental health issues, remember not to judge. It is a difficult time for everyone, and being too hard on yourself or others can cause more damage. Instead, reach out. There are online resources, including the UNF Counseling Center, that can help to alleviate some of the difficulties. 

Dr. Wynn noted that there will be obvious increases in anxiety, depression and disappointment, especially among students. 

“I’m not even a student, I’m faculty, and I am still disappointed that there are students who won’t get to graduate this semester,” he said. 

Faculty and staff are also trying their best to alleviate the pressure among themselves and students. They are making a point to be more creative and understanding during this transition. Not only this, but the university itself is switching most of its resources to remote access. 

There might even be a possible online ceremony of sorts for students who were meant to graduate this semester, though the details regarding the subject are scarce, according to Dr. Wynn. 

The Counseling Center has an updated COVID-19 page on their website with informational resources. You can also call the center at any time to speak to a counselor over the phone. They are active on all social media platforms, and are investigating as many options as possible to support students remotely. 

Although the Counseling Center hasn’t received many COVID-19 related calls, they expect more to come as the transition period gets less hectic. 

“We hope to be back to normal shortly,” said Dr. Wynn. 

For more information on how to reach the Counseling Center, click here.


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