Tik Tok vs. Vine

Darvin Nelson, Features Editor

Digital media thrived in the 2000s and social media evolved to many platforms. Vine and Tik Tok are very similar social media platforms as creators have limited time to create entertaining videos, and popular trends spread like wildfire. Is one better than the other, or do they hold the same value?

Vine was a unique platform that quickly became loved for its hilarious and addicting content. After Vine was discontinued and placed in an archived state, Tik Tok quickly rose to fame and gave aspiring content creators a second chance. 

Vine spawned trends, such as “What are those,” “Look at all those chickens,” and “What’s 9+10.” Tik Tok gave birth to the renegade dance, and some very interesting challenges. 

In 2013, Vine was launched and the world was introduced to a new style of entertainment. Users had a maximum of around six seconds, per video, to create any content they wanted. Viners such as Lele Pons, Cameron Dallas, and King Bach thrived on the app. After its demise many viners switched to YouTube, some with better luck than others.

Tik Tok launched in September of 2016, only a few months before the death of Vine. Tik Tok users have a choice of a 15 second video or a 60 second video. This gives creators way more time per video than Vine, allowing content to get more Avant Garde. 

Tik Tok offers a variety of visual and audio effects that allow people to add text, color filters, voice filters, motion effects, green screens, and much more to their videos. Music also has a really strong presence on Tik Tok. Almost every video is accompanied by a catchy song that can be saved as a favorite along with your favorite videos.

Charli D’amelio, Zach King, Spencer X, and Baby Ariel are a few of the many Tik Tok stars.

Spinnaker hosted an Instagram poll for Tik Tok versus Vine: 

Vine may not be able to be enjoyed at the moment, but its memory still lives through its many users. Vine has relatable content with a unique nostalgic quality and Tik Tok is quite an experience itself, but is it too much? Whether it’s laughing at cringey dances, people just smiling at the camera, or a clever masterpiece, Tik Tok could never replace the wonder that is Vine.


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