Top five UNF uniforms from the 2019-20 season

John Watson, News Director

Featured Image by: Britt Moore

As UNF Athletics joined the Under Armour family in the summer of 2019, new uniforms were on display throughout the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

From classic whites to iconic navy blues, here are my picks for the top five uniforms from all seasons.


  1. Indoor Volleyball home white jersey
Photo by: Darvin Nelson

As the Ospreys went under the lights at the UNF Arena, they did so in style for their fall campaign. 

This jersey features key notes such as the iconic Osprey head on the back and also a sleek grey shoulder sleeves that transition into a cool white sleeve.

Overall, these uniforms paired well with the high-flying Ospreys as they owned a 9-7 home  record.


  1. Women’s Basketball home white jersey
Photo by: Darvin Nelson

Another white jersey makes the list as the women’s basketball team also looked quite fresh playing at the nest. The all-white look featured jersey numbers that accented the whole fit. 

The numbers were crisp, clean and fresh with the bold “North Florida” headlining the front made for a dazzling look. As well as looking sharp, the Ospreys defended the nest going 7-4 at home this season.


  1. Men’s Basketball away blue jerseys
Photo by: Darvin Nelson

Facing top-ranked opponents like Florida, Florida State and Dayton were tough challenges for the birds of trey as they ventured into unfamiliar territory. 

The blue uniforms did not disappoint, as the design brought fresh accents to a familiar look. The white and grey stripes on both the collar and shorts provided a unique finish that was both memorable and  stylish.


  1. Baseball white cursive
Photo by: Britt Moore

Playing many home games in the first part of the season meant the Ospreys’ Baseball team had to mix things up on the mound and in their wardrobe. The all-white jersey is a staple for the Ospreys, but what makes this one spicy is the cursive Osprey lettering on the front. 

In addition, the front number is perfectly placed and provides a clean accent on an impressive design. Given that the season was ended prematurely, we’ll hopefully see these make a return next season.


  1. Women’s Soccer grey and white striped
Photo by: Lili Weinstein


As the only team to play at Hodges Stadium on this list, the Women’s Soccer team came to play with style and intensity in these uniforms.

From head to toe, the grey and white go together extremely well as the grey striping on the shirt transitions into the white background. The bottoms were a clean grey and featured the iconic Osprey head on the front right. 

This kit takes the top spot on my list and is a stellar look under the lights at Hodges.


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