Storytime With UNF’s First Lady, Mrs. Szymanski

Haneifah Ahmad, Intern Reporter

UNF’s First Lady, Maria Szymanski, is truly an advocate for education. With a background rooted in teaching, her passion for learning continues to bring that wow factor as she routinely does storytimes for all ages. It is her mission to promote the love of reading as well as telling students to use their imagination. 

Spinnaker had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Szymanski, to hear about her passion for learning as she inspires young kids to read and do activities. Her face lit up as she spoke about the importance of providing a setting where these young minds can learn and be entertained at the same time. 

 “It doesn’t matter what age you are, they want to hear something that’s positive, something to encourage them, something to meet their needs and something to build them up. This is so important,” said Mrs. Szymanski.

She talks about how time and learning have changed due to COVID-19, “Right now we’re changing learning…UNF professors, staff, and administrators, they have to think of incredible ways to be innovative. Not only do they teach from a computer, but they have to see what the needs are of the students they’re teaching.” 

Her message to students: “Dare to dream big, don’t lose your journey, and keep working hard to get to the levels you want to be at. If we don’t do those types of things, we might lose the magic.”