Edward Waters College on its way to becoming a university

Haneifah Ahmad, Reporter

Students who attend the historical black college Edward Waters College will have expanded opportunities due to a $3.5 million increase in funding. The 2020-2021 state legislative budget distributed the funding to EWC, giving them a total of $6.4 million. 

“This is truly transformative,” said President A. Zachary Faison in reference to the unexpected increase in state funding.

The college intends to use the funding to expand its program offerings and become a university with the creation of a master’s degree in business administration as their first graduate-level program. EWC will expand its curriculum with undergraduate programs in computer and information science, forensic science, and social work. Faison said the money can also go towards students who are struggling financially. 

“Many students who come to EWC do not drop out, they stop out, due to financial hardships and difficulties. This additional support will help lessen that unfortunate trend,” said Faison. 

Gov. DeSantis acknowledges all historical black colleges and HBCUs in Florida. The state distributed funding towards Bethune Cookman University, Florida Memorial University, and Florida A&M University.

“HBCUs play an important role in Florida’s educational fabric and continue to be trailblazers for innovation, talent, and leadership,” DeSantis said.”This funding will provide students additional opportunities and will continue to transform higher education in Florida, especially for Black students across the state to meet the demands of the 21st century,” said DeSantis.

EWC released a statement on Monday about the college’s future plans: 

“As such, the College plans to immediately begin planning for the development of comprehensive new degree program proposals for future submission to its accrediting body which once submitted and approved would prospectively move the College to University status. While no specific timeline or timetable has been set for the development and final submission of the degree program proposals, EWC intends to move as aggressively as practicable in its efforts to strengthen its competitiveness and broaden its overall academic profile through the addition of high demand and market place relevant new degree programs.”


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