Looking for a job on campus in the fall? Here are some available positions you may be interested in

Zach Yearwood, News Editor

Whether you are in need of a financial boost or just have some free time during the week, UNF offers several paid positions for students in most departments on campus, even despite COVID-19.

Last fall, Student Government increased the campus-wide minimum wage to $9 per hour.

Here are just a few of the jobs available to students in the fall on UNF’s jobs website:

  • Resident Assistant (RA) – 20 hours/week. Resident Assistants live and work with a group of “approximately 30-75 residents in an assigned area of University Housing.” Most RA responsibilities occur in the evenings and on weekends.
  • Public Opinion Research Lab (PORL) Student Interviewer – 1-20 hours bi-weekly. “The Interviewer position at the [PORL] is a temporary part-time position that will conduct a wide variety of telephone interviews to obtain critical research data.” The lab works on a project-by-project basis, meaning that positions will be available sporadically when the lab is conducting research. This job is also available for Federal Work Study students.
  • THRIVE Assistant – 10 hours/week. THRIVE is a support program offered to students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Responsibilities include facilitating THRIVE study hours, record student participation, provide administrative support as well as provide support for THRIVE students as needed.
  • Supplemental Instruction Leader – Hours are variable. Applicants must be sophomores or above and must “demonstrate a caring and patient attitude, utilize conflict resolution skills and ensure that every effort is made to supply  students with quality academic assistance. Applicants must be proficient in the course areas for which they wish to be SI Leaders.”
  • Spinnaker Radio General Manager – 40 hours bi-weekly. Responsible for ensuring Spinnaker’s radio station is in compliance with FCC rules and regulations. Other duties include maintaining schedule block programming for 95.5 WSKR, assisting with interviewing and hiring staffers.
  • Spinnaker News Editor – 15 hours/week. “The news editor is primarily responsible for the day-in, day-out coverage of events and content of interest to UNF students, faculty and staff.” The news editor also takes part in oversight of news staff, assigning stories to members of the newsroom and should have some knowledge of communications ethics and communications law.

For the full list of jobs available for students, wages and hours, and descriptions of responsibilities, click here.

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