Potential vaccine entering Phase 3 of clinincal trials, volunteers needed

Zach Yearwood, News Editor

Scientists believe they have found a contender against the Coronavirus — a vaccine, and they are looking for participants for a large-scale clinical trial.

Biotech company Moderna is beginning its last phase of trials for a new vaccine for COVID-19, as the company believes it has found a potential drug that will induce a person’s immune response to the virus.

Governor Ron DeSantis and Vice President Mike Pence held a press conference Monday at the University of Miami to announce Phase 3 of the trial.

“89 sites across America with 30,000 participants will be a part of this phase three clinical trial,” the vice president said.

Jacksonville will be among the 89 sites across the country performing the trial and will need 500 volunteers. Would-be volunteers in the city must register through the Jacksonville Center of Clinical Research.

As of Monday, Florida has reported over 433 thousand Coronavirus cases and 5,930 deaths.

Half of the participants will be given two shots of the vaccine, while the other half will receive two shots of a placebo.

Anyone interested in participating in the trial can find more information here: https://encoredocs.com/