Not following UNF COVID-19 guidelines may lead to expulsion from the University

Darvin Nelson, News Editor

The UNF Dean of students, Andrea Adams-Manning, shared an important message regarding the enforcement of UNF policies and the consequences of engaging in risky behaviors that risk the health, safety, and well-being of our Osprey community.

“As you may be aware, many college campuses have already had to convert back to operating remotely as a result of the COVID-19 virus spreading on their campuses. The main contributing factor to these outbreaks was student participation in social gatherings while not adhering to C.D.C. guidelines,” explained Dean Adams-Manning.

The dean reminds students, and emphasizes, that UNF Student Code of Conduct and the Disruptive Behavior regulations apply to behaviors on and off campus. The University will take quick action against any individual(s) who intentionally put the campus community at risk. 

Hosting and engaging in gatherings without following C.D.C. guidelines are considered to be actions that put the UNF community at risk. Consequences for behaviors like these can result in expulsion from the University.

Expected behaviors and prohibited behaviors can be found in the University policies and regulations: 

Avoiding large gatherings, wearing masks, social distancing, washing your hands, and monitoring your health are all ways you can help keep our Osprey community safe.

“To ensure the safety of our Osprey community and to prevent UNF from having to go fully remote again, we need you to do your part to protect each other,” stated Dean Adams-Manning. […] “Please be responsible. Do your part to keep our campus and each other safe.”


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