Police Beat August 2011


By Kathleen Godfrey

Aug. 24 – Battery (Osprey Landing) A student and friend left a dorm room and ran into the friend’s girlfriend — the suspect — in the hallway. The suspect was visibly upset and muttered obscenities at the victim. The victim and friend continued walking down the staircase to Osprey Cove. In the courtyard, the suspect began to strike the victim. The victim struck the suspect in self defense and the altercation ended. The suspect and her boyfriend then left the area and the victim called the police. The suspect is still at large.

Aug. 22 – Marijuana Possession .08 grams (Building X) UPD responded to a possible possession of paraphernalia in the bathroom vanity. The Area Coordinator knocked on the student’s door; the student answered and told the AC to wait a minute because she had to get something from the bathroom. The student was attempting to hide a purse from the AC. When the AC asked if she was trying to hide her purse, the student admitted to having marijuana in it. The student then showed the AC the bag of marijuana as well as the contents of her purse and told him she had a bong under the sink. The officer was asked to enter the room. The student admitted the marijuana was hers and retrieved a plastic bottle being used as a bong from the bathroom. The student was issued a misdemeanor citation and evidence was taken to the Jacksonville Sherrif’s Office property room.

Aug. 22 – Marijuana Possession (Osprey Village) An anonymous student reported an marijuana-like odor to the RA. The resident allowed the AC to search the room. The AC found alcohol in the room. Several people were not students, including one juvenile. The juvenile gave UPD permission to search him, and a baggie with cigarette paper and one marijuana cigarette was found. The suspect was taken to Building 41 (Martin P. Garris Police Building) and UPD contacted his mother. UPD called the Department of Juvenile Justice and a court date was issued. The suspect was released to the custody of his mother. Evidence was entered into the JSO property room.

Aug. 22 – Damaged Vehicle (Lot 18) A victim parked in lot 18 for six hours. Once home, she discovered someone had scratched her vehicle’s paint. She notified UPD and was informed she would need to return to campus to have a report completed. An officer observed scratches on the passenger side door above the handle. Due to a lack of suspect(s), the case was suspended.

Aug. 24 – Lost Property (Building 12) A student reported last having a student I.D. card, EBT card and UNF printer access card on Aug. 23 at 12 noon after accidentally leaving her wallet with all three cards in the first floor ladies bathroom. When the student went to the printer, she realized her wallet was missing. She returned to the restroom and found her wallet without the cards inside. She later notified the library staff and her printer account was frozen. The library’s main desk told UPD there was nothing in the lost and found desk at the time the report info was taken.

Aug. 24 – Vehicle Keyed (Lot 18) A student noticed the driver’s door of his vehicle had been keyed. The student’s father owns the company truck. The student drove the truck to his father’s office and the father advised him to return to UNF to report the incident. The student said the same thing happened to his truck last semester. The student did not have suspect information.

Aug. 25 – Decal Thief (Lot 14) A victim left his or her car in lot 14 all day. They discovered their yellow registration decal was missing from their license plate after work. The victim received an expired tag citation from the City of Jacksonville Aug. 25 and said the decal was applied since January 2011 at the time of renewal. There is no suspect information.

Aug. 25 – Party Crashers (58W) Upon arriving at the Student Union, an officer was informed that there was a scheduled party in room 2703 after a concert. As the party was closing down, a building employee checked to make sure they were cleaning up properly and noticed a microphone was missing. He was advised that several males wearing “904BeerPong.com” T-shirts had crashed the party. One male began making comments over the speaker system with the microphone, then walked off. Later, people at the party realized the male had taken the microphone, valued at $1800, with him when he left. The microphone can only be used when in range of the receiver, which was still in the room. Due to lack of information, the case was suspended.