UNF student arrested for possession of a felony-level controlled substance

Hayley Simonson, Police Reporter

On August 25, A UNF student living at the Osprey Villages was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, according to a police report.

UPD was dispatched to the student’s room due to the odor of marijuana emitting from the room. The officer was greeted by the student after knocking on the door and invited into the living space. The officer entered and asked if the student had been smoking recently. The student informed the officer of having smoked earlier in a car. The officer asked if the student was in possession of any marijuana or paraphernalia in her room to which the student replied yes. 

The officer advised that as long as it was a misdemeanor amount of marijuana, and there were no previous student conducts, the student would be sent to student conduct and avoid arrest. The student pulled items out of a backpack, such as a misdemeanor amount of marijuana and paraphernalia with residue. The student told the officer that the items were all misdemeanor items.

According to the report, the officer searched through the items and found a rubber vial of THC, which is classified as a controlled substance. Possession of a controlled substance is a felony in the state of Florida. When questioned, the student said it was received from a friend and used in a dab kit to get high. The student said they were unaware that possessing the vile was a felony.

The student was arrested and transported to jail where the evidence was placed in a JSO property room.


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