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The art of college pranks

Erik Feliciano, Reporter

When you think about college life, some of the things that come to mind are parties, cramming for finals, and crazy college pranks. Over the years there have been a wide variety of pranks, some harmless, some that have gone wrong and some that are downright crazy. Here are just a few college pranks that students managed to get away with.

  1. Back in the year 2000, a group of MIT students launched a website titled “BonsaiKitten” which was aimed at selling ornaments that featured live cats stuffed inside jars. This would lead to the humane society and other animal activist groups falling hook, line, and sinker for the prank. Not only did they get involved, so did the FBI which proved it to be a hoax.
  2. This prank is one that some think to be an urban legend. On the night before the 1896 Auburn-Georgia Tech football game, students went under the cover of night to grease the train tracks that their opposing team would be coming on. This would result in the train sliding well past their destination, causing them to have to walk back to the stop.
  3. One very famous prank happened in the year 1956 where a group of Cambridge students managed to get a car onto the roof of one of the school buildings, which baffled everyone. The vehicle would have to be disassembled in order for it to be brought back down. The culprits didn’t come forward until another 50 years later.

While these pranks were pretty grandiose, there have also been some smaller pranks that college students have pulled off to annoy their friends.

  1. One incredibly annoying prank that has been done is a college student filling his roommates room to the brim with popcorn using industrial sized trash bags.
  2. Another simple yet petty prank is wrapping all of a roommates belongings in gift wrappings. This will no doubt annoy them to no return.
  3. Finally one that has surely scared quite a few people is putting a dummy in their roommates bed while they sleep for them to wake up to a not-so-fun surprise.

Pranks can be fun, but at the same time they can go a little overboard. If you or someone you know is about to pull off a prank, make sure to stay safe and don’t take it too far.


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The art of college pranks