Ways to enjoy your Thanksgiving safely

Erik Feliciano, Reporter

Thanksgiving is usually a time for family and loved one’s, but with COVID-19 being something to watch out for, things such as get-togethers have become quite dangerous and difficult to do. However, there are many ways to enjoy your Thanksgiving while also remaining safe.

The most basic things that you could do to stay safe during this holiday is to make sure that you wear a mask when not eating, wash your hands and stay six feet away from one another. There are also some other steps that you could do to increase safety.

A virtual Thanksgiving is one of the safest ways to spend the holiday, especially for those who are autoimmune compromised. Of course, it does not have the same feeling as spending the day together face-to-face, but it does allow for family and friends to see each other on this very special day. It could also lead to a very interesting time.

An outdoor setting for Thanksgiving could also be a very good idea as the air is constantly moving, and being outdoors is actually one of the CDC’s recommendations when having a get-together.

The way guests receive their food could also benefit from a change. Instead of everyone sitting at a table and being served normally, having a buffet setting for food where everyone serves themselves one at a time could be a great idea. 

Finally, limiting your guest list could be a big benefit to everyone’s safety. While it’s not fun to shorten your guest list, doing so could ensure everyone’s safety, which is what truly matters in the end.


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