Jumping back into finals after Thanksgiving Break

Majdouline Bakor, Multimedia Journalist

After a long semester, students will take off next week for Thanksgiving Break. A time to regroup with friends and family and escape from the countless Canvas notifications. But, how can students go back into study mode after a taste of finally being able to relax? Here are some tips to prepare you to finish strong with finals.

Plan Ahead

Create a planning board with the final assignments you want to tackle first. Whether that be your calendar, notes app on your phone, or whiteboard hanging in your dorm room. It doesn’t have to be fancy; strategize in the way that’s most comfortable for you. This way, you’ll already have a blueprint of how you’re going to finish the semester. 

List all of the classes that you’re currently taking and attach the final exam or project due date next to them. Then based on that, plan for specific hours rather than days, deciding what time you’ll start reviewing. For example, “I’ll get it done on Monday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.” rather than saying, “I’ll get it done on Monday,” which can predetermine putting it off even more throughout that day. You can get a lot done in an hour, but don’t constrain yourself to that time. Whether you’re an early bird or night owl, pick which suits you best to study and stick with it. 

Check-in with your instructors

Make sure that none of your final exams overlap with others by getting in contact with professors. Finals week begins Dec 13 to 17. If you’re struggling with review material, reach out to your instructor for questions. Make sure to check the syllabus and class schedule if one is provided. There you may find all of the information discussed in class throughout the semester. 

For more information regarding UNF’s final exam schedule click here.

If you feel that you’re still not understanding, reach out to fellow classmates who might have the same issue. If you’ve exhausted all choices inside the classroom, visit Student Academic Success Services (SASS) who offer various resources surrounding tutoring and academic coaching.

 Graphic by Majdouline Bakor

Having trouble writing a final paper? Whether it be forming a structure for your paper, or if you need someone to review it, UNF’s Writing Center is here for you! You can schedule in-person or online writing consultations, regardless of topic. If you’re looking for last-minute help, they also accept walk-ins. 

For more information about the Writing Center click here.

Balance preparation and relaxation

Creating a game plan for the last few weeks of the semester is crucial and sets a foundation to finish strong. It will be hard to jump back into academics after a relaxing break, but don’t overwork yourself on that first day back! You should prepare for days of review in parallel with days for relaxation. Remove yourself from studying mode on days you have off because rest is just as important. Balancing the two will help in the long run. 


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