Track-by-track album review of The Lo-fis by Steve Lacy

Ash Zapata

Steve Lacy is a young Alternative R&B/Neo-soul/Psychedelic artist who has produced songs for numerous artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Denzel Curry, and his own band, The Internet. Lacy’s Album, The Lo-fis, is a collection of sound bites and leaks from when he was in highschool. It features an array of funky bass-lines and hypnotizing vocals.

Album cover art for The Lo-Fis by Steve Lacy

Atomic Vomit- As the opening of the album, we are met with a groovy bass riff and drums. Lacy seems to be singing about a party he is at when he meets a girl, but he is under the influence. The song overall loops and has an old hip-hop feel met with some psychedelic guitar strums.

When I- This track has elements of surf rock but comes off as R&B with his vocals. It has repeating lyrics about him wanting a girl. I feel like this short pining track would be more interesting if it were longer.

That’s No Fun- This track is about how people have been saying that Lacy has “changed”. This is one of my favorite tracks; with both rock and R&B elements. It has captivating harmonies and has a united feel. It reminds me of something Dominic Fike would produce.

Cocky Girl- With a similar guitar sound and bass line, this track seems like it is a sister to “That’s No Fun”. This was very short but what is really interesting is the way it transitions into the next track on the album, “Uuuu”.

Uuuu- As aforementioned, this track could be a continuation of “Cocky Girl”. It has a nineties R&B feel.

Jars of It- One of the longer songs on the album, it is very surf-rock. It is a cute love song with the same hook repeated twice. It seems to break away a little bit sound-wise, but it’s super refreshing and transparent in intent.

Bars.16- I actually really enjoy this short track; it makes for a good interlude. Lacy’s vocals and guitar are layered throughout the song to create a fun groove.

Infrunami- This track is about an ex of his. He regrets letting her go. While it sounds great with luring harmonies and a slow tempo; I feel as if it lacks in complexity of lyrics.

Hummer- This short track has a really fun “wah-wah”bass line; giving it a super groovy effect.

4real- At first listen, this track is different from the rest of the album in almost every aspect. It is a fast paced rock song with high-pitched vocals. The lyrics have some ambiguity behind it but I believe Lacy is singing about a relationship in which they stay together no matter what.

I Think I Should- This track also starts off different-with an acoustic guitar. It immediately draws the listener in with profound harmonies and lyrics about love. It is probably my best pick out of the album.

Daze- A composition of different sound bites, this track poses an interesting overall sound. It has some jazz components, and is overall easy on the ears.

Out of Me Head- This track features a funky bass line and fuzzy guitar ad libs. It’s super groovy yet simple. It has a few repeating lines throughout, but the focus is the fun jam going on.

Donchano- This song is an interesting one to me. It has crisp vocals and interesting rhythms with vocals that adds texture to the song. It’s pleasing to listen to.

The Song- The last song of the track, it has an interesting rewind effect going on. The focus is the sighing vocals; met with a chill flow. The song seems to be about him getting high with another girl.

    Overall, I quite enjoyed this album. I feel as if it shows a variety of styles Steve Lacy can produce. Knowing that he produced these in highschool blows my mind. The production quality is amazing; it is complex yet refined. The subject matter is similar;but that could be because it was all produced around the same time. I had not previously listened to Steve Lacy exclusively, and I believe this was an okay introduction to what he is all about, and I see myself listening to him in the future. I’d give it a 3.8 out of 5 Spinnaker Sails.