License plate theft

Ketan Narotam, Police Reporter

UPD Police were dispatched to an empty field next to the Fountains on Wednesday morning, Jan. 27, 2021 to investigate how a Florida license plate, from a trailer, ended up in Massachusetts.

Upon arrival, a T.G. Utility construction worker explained to the officer that he was advised on Wednesday of an unknown vehicle with a Florida tag. The vehicle passed through a toll plaza in Massachusetts without paying. 

The worker said he was confused because the Florida tag located in Massachusetts was the same tag as the trailer the company has been renting since Jan. 3, 2021. 

The employee then went to the trailer and discovered the license plate was missing. 

UPD is unsure of the time of theft, due to there being no cameras in the empty lot. 

There is also no suspect information available at this time.  

Spinnaker will update you as the story unfolds.


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