Former Elections Commissioner speaks about his experiences and the future

Carter Mudgett, Government Reporter

Following his recent step-down from the position of Elections Commissioner, Darryl Boyer spoke with Spinnaker about his experiences in Student Government in the past, and his hopes for the future. 

“I left a great foundation for the current members of the office and I think that they’re going to do a tremendous job, and I think that future elections commissioners, after me, are going to do a tremendous job with the foundation that’s laid out for them,” said Boyer about his recent resignation. 

Today, Feb. 1, marks the first day of Black History Month and Boyer already has plans to get involved and instill a growing desire for diversity within the UNF community. 

Having just announced his candidacy for Student Body Vice President, he says: “I think that having an African-American in leadership that can represent the diverse change that’s happening in our Osprey community is a very important thing to recognize in a time like now.” 

In a message to those within Student Government, and those aspiring to join, Boyer says that personal and professional obstacles must be put to the side.

“What’s important is the students. You’re not there for yourself. You’re not there for anything but the students in our Osprey community. If you keep that in mind, you’ll wake up every day motivated to go to work, because you know you’re doing it with purpose and for other people,” says Boyer.

He says to become a truly diverse leader, “understanding where other people are coming from in life [and] understanding their perspective,” is key. “I think it all starts here in our community and just branches out,” says Boyer.


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