Student Government Elections Commissioner steps down


Former Vice-President Darryl Boyer, Photo courtesy of SG.

Carter Mudgett, Student Government Reporter

Elections Commissioner Darryl Boyer has chosen to step down from his position in UNF Student Government effective 11:59 p.m. Monday, Jan. 25. Boyer was previously subjected to the first ever attempted impeachment of a Student Government official in UNF’s history during the 2020 fall semester. 


During his time in Student Government, Boyer reformed the elections process, diversified leadership, and helped create the first contested Student Government elections in years.


In his official statement, Boyer had this to say: 

“Serving our students and leading the finest osprey servants in Student Government has been the biggest honor of a lifetime […] Working alongside of you and supporting you is what motivated me every day. I have spent a considerable amount of my tenure in your ranks, and no one is a bigger advocate for all that you do to serve our student body. I went about making decisions with one simple question in mind: what is in the best interest of the student body? While that may sound elementary, it’s true and sincere.”

Screenshot of the resignation letter from Boyer to all SG leadership, courtesy of Darryl Boyer

The current Deputy Elections Commissioner, Andrew Wills, will take on the role of acting Elections Commissioner until the position is filled. They are responsible for overseeing the Office of Elections and conducting free and fair Student Government elections. Boyer looks forward to “staying involved and serving [the] Osprey community.” Spinnaker will continue to follow this story.


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