Rugby can’t continue preseason success


Splits games to strong UCF squad
By Tyler Holder

The UNF rugby team traveled to Orlando Oct. 15 to face off against the University of Central Florida Knights.The A team and the B team took the field for the Deadbirds, as they looked to open the season victoriously.

The A team couldn’t hold onto an early lead, losing 22-7. The B team, however, didn’t let UCF steal two victories. It won 14-0.

Alex Mross, captain of the UNF Deadbirds, was happy with the A team’s fast start but wants to see more consistency. He said he is willing to switch around the lineup week by week to find it.

“After beginning so well, we just went downhill,” said Mross. “UCF was coming off a big win against FSU the past week, so they were riding high emotions. I was satisfied with some of our play, but we have plenty of room for improvement.”

The A team started off quickly, taking a 5-0 lead early in the game. However, the team fell from there and was only able to score two points during the rest of the game. The defense struggled and gave up 22 points to the Knights after taking the early lead. The final score was 22-7.

Mross mentioned several key players who made a defensive impact on the game. Tim Herss made big tackles throughout the match that kept UCF from scoring more often. Rodger Amidon broke his hand mid-game, but continued to play through the pain. Amidon was not the only iron man on the squad — Taylor Alley played most of the game with an injured shoulder that he damaged in last week’s game.

After watching the A team give up an early lead, the B team made sure not to come back to Jacksonville empty handed. It dominated the majority of the game, dismantling the Knights 14-0. Kenny Yancy and David Aguilar, both freshmen, helped lead the team to victory, scoring a try apiece. Another freshman, William Mueller, shared his thoughts after the game.

“B side did amazing; we all worked together and took advantage of the opportunities,” he said. “We hope to carry this momentum into next week and build on this run.”

Cody Neuweiler, a sophomore, was inactive for this game. He is looking forward to getting back on the field in the coming weeks.

“The next few matches can make or break our season,” Neuweiler said, “so I am trying my hardest to get back in the games.”

Oct. 22 University of Miami* at 11:00 am
Oct. 23 FIU* at 9:00 am
*Games are being played in Orlando