Horoscopes Oct. 19


Libra: When the time comes to look with your eyes or feel with your hands, make sure to do the former.

Scorpio: Celebrate the lonely nights you’ve spent eating a bag of chips with a healthy snack, for a change.

Sag: Those horror movies have kept you from that growing pile of homework and papers for far too long.

Capricorn: Take a skip around campus before Daylight Savings Time, which is in a couple of weeks. You need that afternoon light.

Aquarius: Put down those apple cream-filled doughnuts and replace them with an actual apple. Hey! It’s good for you.

Pisces: American Idol Jordin Sparks said, “You’re on my heart/ Just like a tattoo.” But it’s time for your tattoo removal.

Aries: You know you’ll be missing your affordable apartment when you have to live in a more expensive city for med school.

Taurus: Make time to watch a scary movie with that certain someone. So what if it’s one of the oldest tricks in the magazine?

Gemini: Trade in that hour you sit in traffic for an hour of exercise. The drive home will be dark but quick.

Cancer: Cancel your cable subscription and start listening to the radio more. You’ll find it informative and even more entertaining.

Leo: Your friend who’s majoring in anthropology has had enough with your jokes about his or her future unemployment.

Virgo: Keep an organic mind when challenged with this week’s struggles. Everything will come out fine and earthy.