How does UNF hold up on Rate My Professor?

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

According to a recent poll conducted by Spinnaker, many students feel as if UNF offers bad advising, which is detrimental to the overall graduation rate of its students. While it still hasn’t been determined  what part of advising is the issue, what cannot be ignored is how many students are dissatisfied with it. For students who feel this way, there are plenty of third-party options to help with your advising.

Data from Spinnaker’s poll / Chart created by Shelby Senesac, News Editor.

One of these resources would be Rate My Professors. It is a free-to-use online review service which purports itself as the “largest online destination for professor ratings” with over “19 million ratings, 1.7 million professors and over 7,500 schools” in its system. 

How many times have you signed up for a class online, especially in times of COVID, where little-to-no information is available about the class or instructor, apart from just a name? There’s a good chance that this website will have some community reviews about  the professor in particular. By looking at these reviews,  you can increase your chances of getting a professor you’ll like and lower the chance you get one you may butt heads with.

UNF’s overall rankings, screenshot taken from Rate My Professors.

Right now, the average professor rating is 3.77 out of 5 at UNF.  Speaking of UNF, while Rate My Professor is primarily used for reviews of professors, it also includes reviews of entire universities as well. UNF has an overall quality ranking of 3.8 out of 5. Each review is based on ten different criteria, further explained in the above graphic.

These trends indicate that the most favorable parts of the UNF experience are its location and the campus facilities.  Its main problem areas appear  to be the food and internet, both of which are frequent criticisms of UNF. Hopefully, in time, these problem areas can be addressed and fixed so UNF can be the best campus it can be!


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