Police Beat Oct. 26

Joseph Basco

Oct. 17 Mobile Phone Theft (Building 58E) – The victim said he went to the bathroom on the third floor of the Student Union East Building and left his phone on top of a toilet paper dispenser. Twenty minutes later, the victim noticed his phone was missing. The victim returned to the bathroom and did not find his phone. He called his phone and noticed it was turned off. The victim then contacted his phone provider and had his number disconnected. The victim checked Lost and Found and did not locate his phone there. The report is closed.

Oct. 18 Wallet and Keys Theft (Building 42) – The victim said she was taking a test in Building 42, room 1020. The professor had the students place their belongings against the wall during the test. After the test, the victim picked up her pocketbook from the wall and went to her room in Osprey Village. Her roommate let her inside the room. Afterward, the victim left the room and noticed her wallet and keys were missing. The victim notified her professor and UPD of her missing items, but nobody turned in the items. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Oct. 18 Damaged Vehicle (Lot 12) – A UPD officer met the complainant, who is an employee of the Housing Maintenance Division. The complainant said he noticed a dent on the driver side rear quarter panel of a maintenance truck. He said he needed a report number to document the damage. The case is closed.

Oct. 20 Damaged Vehicles (Lot 10) – The complainant said to a UPD officer that a Ford Ranger truck and a John Deere Gator collided behind Building 34. Both vehicles were being driven by UNF Physical Facilities employees. The driver of the Gator thought the truck driver would stop to talk, but the truck driver continued to drive and the vehicles collided. Both drivers were not injured. Damages are estimated at $800 for the truck and $125 for the Gator.

Oct. 20 Burglary (Fine Arts Center Garage) – The victim said he parked his vehicle on the second floor of the Fine Arts Center Garage Oct. 19 between 6:45 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. The morning of Oct. 20, the victim discovered his bookbag and video game handheld was missing from his vehicle. There was no damage to the car. The victim said his vehicle lock did not work sometimes. A canvass was not conducted due to the transient nature of the garage. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Oct. 21 Criminal Solicitation (Osprey Crossings) – A UPD officer arrived at the Osprey Crossings in reference to students being stuck in an elevator. As the officer arrived at Building R, the victim approached the officer. The victim said she was walking from Alumni Drive to the Crossings at 12:05 p.m. when she noticed a mid-sized, four-door gold or tan car parked near a bike rack. She said the driver was a white male in his 30s with short brown hair and a light-colored shirt. The suspect asked the victim if she would like to make $100. The victim did not respond. The suspect then told the victim to get inside his car, and she would get $100 for a sexual act. The victim entered the Crossings, and the suspect drove away. The victim did not know which direction the suspect drove, nor had she seen the suspect prior to the incident. UPD advised the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office of the suspect information.

Oct. 21 Battery (Lot 18) – The victim and the suspect, his girlfriend, had a disagreement at Starbucks when he did not help her out of her chair. The argument continued at Lot 18 and into his car. The victim drove on the North-South Road, then the suspect began to punch him in his face. The first punch knocked his glasses off. When the victim blocked the last punch, the suspect poured water on him. He drove her to work at the St. Johns Town Center, but she exited the vehicle near Dillard’s and told him to call her boss. As the officer and the victim spoke, the suspect called him and asked to be picked up in front of Publix. The victim did not wish to prosecute his girlfriend. He said to the officer they lived together in his apartment, and they are intimate partners, but she had hit him in past arguments. The victim had no visible injuries, but his eyes were red, and he was upset. The officer presented the case to the State Attorney’s Office Oct. 24.

Oct. 22 Marijuana (Cove) – At 11:54 p.m., a UPD officer was dispatched to Osprey Cove Building T in reference to drug use. The officer met with the complainant, a resident assistant, who said she found three male students in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The officer was given permission to enter the room and found the marijuana and drug paraphernalia on a desk. All three suspects said they are the owners of all the illicit items. The suspects were each given a Notice to Appear for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. All items were placed into the JSO property room. One of the suspects was previously given a Notice to Appear Oct. 8 for possession of drug paraphernalia. The three suspects were also referred to Student Conduct.