UNF rugby fails to end losing streak


By Tyler Holder

The UNF Deadbirds traveled to Orlando for the second consecutive week Oct 22. The A team played against the University of Miami Oct. 22 and Florida International University Oct. 23. The result was similar for both games — the Deadbirds lost 24-22 vs. UM and 32-17 vs. FIU.

Alex Mross, the president of UNF rugby, mentioned last week that the lineups will vary from week to week in order to find a productive group. He stayed true to his word over the weekend, and nearly half of the B team played for the A side.

Rhe A team had troubles, but the B team has been on fire. They won 38-18 against a strong Florida State University squad Oct. 22. Clay Morris scored two tries in the match. Seth Herrick scored one try as well for the Deadbirds’ B team.

Junior Dennis Yarizadeh, a Nutrition/Dietetics major and member of the A team, played an active role in the attempt to avoid back-to-back losses. He said still thinks the A team has a chance at being successful in the state of Florida.

“I had to step up and play the captain’s role of scrum half on A side,” Yarizadeh said. “It is safe to say that we need more work, but I know we can do it.”

The A team will continue to try and find a good group of players that perform well together. They will have time to find a productive lineup with a bye next weekend. As the home stretch of the season is approaches, the Deadbirds must find chemistry quickly.

Nov. 5th at UF