UNF paving the way for grads to succeed in the new economy

Shelby Senesac, News Editor

UNF was recognized on a national podcast, “Post Corona,” earlier this month for its cutting-edge initiative by joining graduates with companies that pay real salaries.

“Post Corona,” hosted by Dan Senor, released an episode on March 19 titled “Zoom University: Is COVID The Ultimate Higher Education Disruptor?” 

Senor’s guest for the episode was Daniel Pianko, co-founder and managing director of the investment funds University Ventures and Achieve Partners. University Ventures focuses on reimagining the future of higher education and creating new pathways from education to employment. Achieve Partners works to close America’s skills gap and secure the future of work.

Throughout the episode, Senor and Pianko discuss the effects COVID had, and still has, on universities. They touch on how some universities aren’t offering their students any more than a piece of paper after they graduate, while other universities, such as UNF, are providing students with a straight pathway to real jobs paying six-figures.

“Unemployment for recent college graduates is through the roof,” Pianko said during the episode.

 Despite the high unemployment rate for recent graduates, there are still many jobs out there that need to be filled. Jobs in demand right now include technology and healthcare, and UNF offers an incredible program that would allow graduates from the program to easily fill those jobs.

Towards the end of the episode, Pianko spotlighted Optimum Healthcare IT and UNF’s unique partnership which launched the first apprenticeship program for electronic medical records (EHR) jobs in 2020. The program, Optimum CareerPath, sets graduates up for a clear path to success by bridging the gap between education and professional careers by allowing students to gain the experience and training within the Healthcare IT space that they need.

Pianko talks about how biology graduates typically have a starting salary of around 30k. If those graduates were to enter the training program, they’d be guaranteed a job after they graduate – potentially making 100k starting, or close to it. A direct pathway to a rewarding career like this is something that not even some of the most elite colleges offer for their students.

UNF isn’t going to stop there. UNF is dedicated to creating strong job opportunities for students.

On March 24, 2021, UNF announced that the UNF Division of Continuing Education has partnered with Springboard, the pioneer of mentor-led online learning for the most in-demand careers. The partnership will offer two new career-track programs in data science and data analytics.

“Beyond learning the necessary skills for lucrative data-centric careers (average salary for a data scientist in Florida is $115,395), students will work fully online while paired with their own dedicated industry mentor, student success coach, career coach, and job placement team,” UNF News explained.

It’s safe to say that UNF is making all the right moves for its students through partnerships like these. UNF will continue to lead the way for its graduates to succeed in the ever-changing economy.


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