Photo ideas for UNF graduates

Jennifer Ronzon, Intern

Spring 2021 graduation is rapidly approaching for seniors. One of the best ways to commemorate your time at UNF is through photos. 

Here is  a list of the best spots both on and off campus for your senior pictures.


UNF campus sign: As you pull into campus, you will see the university’s beautiful, brick sign. Pose for a photo in front of the sign for a classic photo celebrating our school!

Image courtesy of Justin Nedrow.

Osprey Fountain: Located by the arena, this is a go-to photo opportunity for graduating seniors. Did you really graduate from UNF if you don’t have a picture in front of the osprey fountain?

Image courtesy of Justin Nedrow.

Your favorite spots at UNF :  It’s likely you’ve spent a lot of time on campus during your time at UNF! What better way to remember it forever than a photo. Snap a pic at your favorite spots on campus!

The Green: The University  Green is one of the most beautiful spots on campus! On a sunny day, you will find students playing frisbee and hanging out on blankets. A photo on the green captures the UNF vibe perfectly!

John A. Delaney  Student Union: UNF  Student Union is extremely photogenic! The unique  architecture makes for a great backdrop in any photo.

Image courtesy of Justin Nedrow.

Off-Campus: For senior pictures off campus, I recommend taking photos at your favorite spots you visited or lived during your time at UNF.

If you lived in Riverside, snap some pictures in Five Points. If you lived at the beach, go pose in front of the sculptures at the Beaches Town Center. Think of the spots you will want to look back at. Did you and your friends have a regular hangout you always visited? Capture it on film!

 Years from now you will look back on the memories you created during your time at college and be thankful for all you captured on camera. As time goes on and things change, photos are a gift when we are feeling nostalgic. So, grab your cap and gown and go take some pictures! 


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