Inside the Huddle


Compiled by Jordan Harirchi


Who do you have winning the Alabama vs. LSU game?
With three races left in a tight chase, who do you have winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup?
What do you think of Kim Kardashian divorcing NBA player Kris Humphries?
With two straight wins, are the Eagles looking to make the playoffs?

Jordan’s Answers

I honestly can’t speculate. Both teams look really good. The winner of this game will most likely be the national champion at the end of the year, though.

Since NASCAR is such an engaging and entertaining sport without any monotony, I would have to say Hank Williams is the favored country singer.

This is a mockery to the institution of marriage. Seventy-two days? Apparently, Humphries wanted to work on the issues. What a maneater.

The Eagles looked good against two lowly opponents. We’ll see what they can do against good Bears and Lions teams in the upcoming weeks.

Greg’s Answers:

  1. Nothing quite like having the national championship in early November. Barring a late season upset by one of these squads bitter rivals, they’ll both be in the conversation come December. I’ll take LSU in round one.

  2. Uhh, Jimmie Johnson. The last time he didn’t win, it was called the Nextel Cup. What a time that was.

  3. Well, he’s not playing hoops, so what’s the point of being with him? Kris should blame this on Billy Hunter. My money’s on the NFL to land the next Kardashian bimbo. At least for the rest of the season.

  4. It’s going to take planting a gun on Eli Manning’s person to make the playoffs this year. Only problem is: He doesn’t get drunk at clubs and shoot himself in the foot, like other former Giants, so it might be tough sledding for Philly this year.

Josh’s Answers:

  1. I’ve got Alabama in this one. They’re playing in Tuscaloosa, and Trent Richardson is looking way too good to be stopped right now.
  2. I like Tony Stewart. Stewart could drive a beetle on a dirt track and dominate. He’s won three races in the chase this year, and he’s getting hot at the right time.

  3. I think I’m gonna go get some plastic surgery and become a reality TV star. Then I’m going to date sports players, marry one of them, sell the rights to the wedding and get divorced in 72 days so I could make about 18 million dollars.

  4. The NFC East is looking like it’s going to be real close like always. The Cowboys are destined to choke and the Giants … well you never know about them. The Eagles seem like they might be getting it together. Either way the wild card isn’t going to come out of the east so it’s all going to come down to the winner.

Katie’s Answers

  1. Tough call. Given the fact that both teams are beating the daylights out of every team they come across, it’s going to be a great game either way. I’m giving this one to Alabama, though. Their wins are quite solid, and the fact that they’ve closed out more than one game with opposing teams scoring nary a point proves that.
  2. Egad. Is this a serious question? NASCAR hurts my athletics-loving soul. Lots of left turns and lots of beer is pretty much what NASCAR means to me. Oh yeah, and about 10 million misplaced dipthongs.

  3. Holy crap. The media made such a huge deal about her bling-laden wedding and how excited she was to be a bride. Note: a bride, not a wife. Now that the shine has dulled a little on that garish tiara, girlfriend can’t tough out the honeymoon phase. It’s gross. She’s pretty but boring and he’s talented but dumb. When the season gets going and the money starts rolling in, who’ll be surprised when they make up?

4.They’re picking up their game, and that’s commendable after four straight losses. It takes some heart to do that. However, their two wins weren’t against truly formidable teams. Considering they have to take on the Bears, Giants and Patriots this season, the Eagles have some work to do.