Apex Legends’ Emergence introduces Seer, a new battle pass, Ranked Arenas, and more

Carter Mudgett, News Editor

Apex Legends’ new season, titled Emergence, launches tomorrow with a new legend, map changes, a new battle pass, and more. As the game grows in popularity, this new season has a lot of challenges to overcome and entertain its player base. 

The Ambush Artist

The new legend, Seer, is advertised as a recon character. His abilities include a heartbeat sensor Passive, a Tactical ability that releases microdrones to disrupt enemy revives and health item use, and an Ultimate where his microdrones construct a large sphere, detecting any enemies moving or shooting within it. 

Seer’s introduction to the legends comes as a surprise after Valkyrie, another recon character, was added back in May. Apex Legends recon class count is now brought to five with the other already added characters (Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Crypto, Valkyrie). Because of his flexible kit, it will be interesting to watch how players utilize him. 

Image via Respawn Entertainment. 

As always, a new season also brings a new battle pass packed with rewards. For players wanting to save some money and play free, they can win a Bloodhound character skin, seven Apex Packs, over ten weapon skins, four loading screens, a music pack, 300 Apex Coins, their Season Badge, and Season 10 win trackers for all legends. 

For players looking to spend a buck or two, the battle pass will include flashy new rare skins for Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, and Pathfinder. Various emotes, gun charms, Apex Coins, Holosprays, and legendary skins will also be available to earn. 

A new gun, the Rampage LMG, is also being added this season. The brand new creation of Rampart, this LMG takes heavy ammo but is modified with a Thermite for increased fire rate. 

Image via Respawn Entertainment. 

Of course, a map change has been greatly anticipated by the fan base as third parties run rampant on Olympus. World’s Edge is now fracturing and erupting from mining by the Harvester. Legends can now fight on moving gondolas in Climatizer and Lava Siphon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment. 

With the launch of Emergence, Apex Legends is introducing Ranked Arenas. Similar to Ranked Battle Royale, players will compete to reach Apex Predator. When first starting out, legends will have to complete ten placement matches to decide their starting rank MMR. From then on out, compete to your heart’s content. 

This new season is sure to be action-packed with so many big changes coming to the game. Developers are of course adding various quality of life updates, accessible in the patch notes here


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