UNF students share what degrees and programs they wish UNF offered

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

It’s not a controversial statement to say that UNF does not have every major someone could want. Among several different Colleges, there are numerous programs, degrees, and majors that are noticeably absent.

But what about students’ preferred majors? Spinnaker set up an open response on Instagram for students to convey what majors and programs they wished UNF offered.

Visualization of the data

There were a few suggestions of specific programs like linguistics and theatre. There were also a couple of desired expansions to the sports and foreign languages and cultures programs. 

The largest group was sciences, but for the data they were all grouped together. Notable specific science programs were pathology, paleontology, and agriculture. Some students also advocated for the expansion of the science program as a whole, without specific majors in mind.

Every other proposed major that had only one response advocating for it was grouped in the “other” category which comprised any and all sorts of ideas. Some of these were majors that are in fact already offered at UNF, but as a minor, not a major, like film.

Spinnaker will reach out to the University on the missing programs and will keep you updated


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