UNF Parking Director answers questions about UNF’s parking pains

Darvin Nelson, General Assignment Reporter

It was clear in our previous article that many Ospreys are not happy with some aspects of parking at UNF. Whether it’s parking tickets or not enough convenient parking, the UNF community is left with many questions. Spinnaker asked UNF Parking Services Director George Androuin to offer some clarification.

Are there plans to create more parking spaces on campus?

“Currently there are no plans to build more parking as there are plenty of empty spaces available throughout the day in gray lots 18 and 53, which provides shuttle service to the campus core,” Androuin said. 

Parking conducts lot counts each fall/spring semester and historically there are well over 700 spaces empty daily between Lot 18 and 53. There are about 10,287 parking spaces on the UNF campus, but only 3,060 make up parking on the core campus, he said.

Is there a reason that the Gray Lot and Blue Lot signs are the same color? Many Ospreys have communicated that having two different colors for the parking areas would make it much easier for students to identify their correct parking area. Are there any plans to make this change, and if not would the university consider it?

“Yes, upon review of the signs, I agree they appear similar although that was not the case when originally installed,” said Androuin. “Parking will review and replace over winter break.”

Hopefully by spring semester, there will be new signs that will make it easier for the UNF community to clearly know where they need to park.

Does Parking Services measure how long students park in the 20-minute parking areas? If so, how?

“20-minute spaces are timed by 2 photos,” Androuin explained. “We compare the first photo to second photo, taken 20 or 40 minutes later.”

Tickets can be appealed within 14 days of when it was first issued if an Osprey feels that there is some kind of mistake.

Why are the parking permits so expensive, and what does the money go toward?

The Parking Advisory Council, which includes four student representatives, are the ones who review and approve permit fees annually. 

“Parking revenue deposited into a general parking account can only be spent on parking related items,” said Androuin. “This include salaries, software applications/licenses, garage debt service, electrical for lighting in lots/garages, general lot maintenance, major projects, etc.”

Examples of their recent projects include Lot 9 pedestrian enhancement and switching to LED lighting in all lots to reduce ongoing electrical costs.

Androuin also mentioned that permit rates have not increased in over 14 years because UNF Parking takes advantage of cost-saving initiatives whenever possible, such as the reduction in positions/salaries by implementing license plate recognition. 

What has UNF done to make parking easier for the UNF community?

“Installing payment kiosks strategically near lots and implementing the Flowbird phone app has made purchasing a visitor permit easier than ever before, Androuin stated, “Students and guests have commented on the convenience of parking in a space and being able to pay at a kiosk or via their phone while heading directly to their final destination.” 

Andruoin strongly encouraged students to weigh the cost of visitor permits versus annual permits.  

“Annual permits are less expensive for those on campus multiple times a week, he said.”

Courtesy of Parking Services.

Parking Services also mentioned that there is no incentive or commission to workers when distributing permits and that warnings are given during the first week of classes for first-time infractions.

Hopefully, this helps settle some Osprey’s concerns about UNF parking. For any other questions about parking regulations, please email [email protected].


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