UNF Student Body President moves to terminate SKYS program

Carter Mudgett, Editor in Chief

On Monday, Student Body President Selma Beserivic issued an executive order that moves to terminate the Students Keeping You Safe (SKYS) Agency. SKYS was a UNF shuttle program that picked students up at night and took them to their parking lot, dorms, or anywhere on campus to ensure their safety. 

“One of the most important things that Student Government can directly do to help campus safety. We have shuttles during the day and SKYS during the night,” said former Senate President, and strong supporter of the program, Rachel Saunders during the presidential SG debates in March 2021. 

Executive Order 21F-002 reads the following:

“This Summer Semester of 2021, the Agency was halted to ensure the program was safe for our students utilizing the system and the student employees allowing the Agency to be utilized. The University of North Florida’s General Counsel and Environmental Health and Safety have been consulted. Liability, longevity, and logistics of the Agency were discussed.”

 A screenshotted portion of EO-21F-002. Courtesy of Student Government.

According to the order, SG has found that it is “irresponsible to place students in high liability and unsafe situations.” Read the entire Executive Order here

This is within President Besirevic’s power, as SG’s  Title 1101.8.A. says that “the President shall have the authority to terminate any Agency subject to a two-thirds (⅔) vote of the Senate.”

 Screenshot from The Executive Agency Statute, Title 1101.8.A., and Title 1101.8.B. Courtesy of Student Government.

The Senate is expected to discuss and vote on this executive order at their next meeting. 


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