Police Beat: The hunt for missing AirPods

Lauren Fox, Managing Editor

Upon leaving class last Monday, a student noticed their AirPods were missing from their pocket at the start of a class in Building 42, read a University Police Department (UPD) report. 

The student looked at the tracking feature of the AirPods and watched them travel from the Gate gas station at Town Center Parkway to an apartment complex on Midtown Parkway and then contacted police, the report read.

Police compiled a list of all the students in the class where the AirPods went missing, listing each of their addresses to see if any of them lived on Midtown Parkway. Police also searched the Duval County Property Appraiser website to see if any of the students lived at the address the AirPods were tracked to, but the search revealed that none of the students lived there.

The next afternoon, the student contacted police, saying the AirPods’ location was pinged at Parking Lot 3 on the University of North Florida’s campus, according to the report. A UPD officer met the student in Lot 3 outside a parked car and saw the missing AirPods inside the vehicle, according to the report.

The car belonged to the student’s professor, who the police contacted to come to their vehicle. 

The professor said another student in the class had found the AirPods and given them to the professor to return to their owner upon their next class, read the police report.


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