Parking permits start opening for purchase, tips for getting one

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

Parking has been a long-documented issue for many UNF students, with one recurring complaint being a lack of parking spots near the classrooms. 

One contributing factor to this issue is that only a limited number of Blue Lot permits are available, which can be used to park in the parking garages. Compare this to the Gray Lot permits, which can only be used in the parking lots much further from campus. Blue Lot permits sell out understandably quickly and being ready to nab one can save you a lot of time on your way to classes. Here’s what to do:

Permits for both the fall semester and the whole academic year always drop around this time of year. However, they don’t drop all at once. Like housing, the ability to purchase any parking pass is handed out to students in phases based on certain criteria. 

Table of Parking Permits taken from UNF Parking’s website.

Parking permit time tickets (shown above) are issued based on the number of previous courses completed by the student or by their housing status. Only students enrolled in classes for the Fall semester can purchase a permit. Knowing your purchase window is crucial to obtaining ones of those coveted Blue Lot permits.

If you are uncertain of which group you are a part of, check your UNF email account for an email from Parking and Transportation Services in the past week. This email should clarify when exactly you can purchase your permit.

Blue Lot permits are more expensive than Gray Lot Permits, but they can be worth it, especially with current gas prices. It’s also important to remember if you want an annual permit or term permits, which are valid year-round or just fall semester, respectively. Making sure you know the differences between each permit and knowing which one you want will save you a lot of time when purchasing one.

Blue Permits are guaranteed to sell out quickly, so make sure you take full advantage of this limited opportunity.

Further information regarding how to purchase permits when the rope drops can be found on Parking and Transportation Services website and in the aforementioned email.


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