New improvements are being made to Tommy G’s this fall

Mallory Pace, Government Reporter

The University of North Florida’s (UNF) library offers a variety of accommodations for a student’s preferred study environment, making it one of the most popular areas for students to gather. 

To utilize the wide space it offers, UNF’s Thomas G. Carpenter library has been making a few layout changes that students should keep an eye out for throughout the beginning of the fall semester.

 Thomas G. Carpenter Library, or as students commonly refer to as Tommy G’s, first opened its doors to students in 1980 and saw a major construction renovation back in 2005, where the building expanded from 120,000 square feet to 199,000.  

An open carpeted area next to bookshelves
An open spot on the third floor of the UNF library where there are plans to add more tables and chairs for student use. (Mallory Pace)

Currently, the UNF library consists of four levels that each offer something different. Previously located on the second floor, the Perdue study area offers tutoring opportunities for students and has now been relocated to the first floor. The space it once occupied is making room for more tables and chairs available to students. 

Dean of the Library, Brent Mai, explained that the Perdue learning area fits more comfortably on the first floor and will make students more aware of it. He said that the new space on the second floor opens the floor plan and makes it more visually appealing to the eye—including the now visible student art wall that was recently obstructed by the Perdue learning area.  

To further open space on the second floor, the Government Documents Collection will now be accessible online, and more tables will be put into the space it once occupied.  

The classroom areas located on the second floor recently received movable and adjustable tables and chairs; the space is now much more flexible and adaptable for any instructor who desires to use it.  

Mai also explained that the furniture on the third floor would be replaced with better-shaped couches and tables that fit the space more appropriately, inviting more student collaboration. The third floor will soon house a new student art wall run by UNF art professors.  

Currently, students can find the Virtual Learning Center on the third floor but soon will also have access to an audio or podcast recording area after its equipment is finished being installed.

 Until all expected furniture and equipment have finished settling into the library, students should keep an eye out for these exciting changes at the beginning of the upcoming fall semester. 

 These new additions will reconfigure the library’s space, creating a comfortable environment for more students to study and collaborate, and at the same time, continue to refresh and liven up the Thomas G. Carpenter library that students have all learned to know and love.


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