Police Beat, Jan. 18


Jan. 9 – Threatening Messages (Building 57) – The program assistant of the education and human services department discovered threatening messages left for the department within the last month. The assistant did not note the date and time the messages were received, but saved the call. The caller sounded like a white male who may have been under the influence of something, according to a police report. The caller repeated the “f” word to express distaste for a couple of individuals and ended the call by saying that one of the individuals should hope he never runs into him again. They were able to identify the phone number listed on the call and to whom the number belonged. However, the assistant was unable to recall a past student with that last name. The search was not able to pull up the specific time of the message because others on the machine were up to a month old. Patrol efforts have ended.

Jan. 9 – Theft (Building 15) – An employee of the building stated that a single-serve coffee maker starter kit was stolen from a locked conference room in the building. The kit was delivered Jan. 9. The complainant contacted Physical Facilities and had a key audit done on the conference room. The audit showed the room had been entered once Jan. 10, but at that time, the kit was already missing. The director of Physical Facilities was contacted and briefed on the theft. The complainant said during the past two years, employees who work on the third floor have also noticed missing cookies, candy and cases of soda. These items were never reported missing. The officer spoke with the director, who said he will find out who was assigned to Building 15 and had the keys to gain entry to the conference room. The director said he will send the information via email, and the officer will then conduct a follow-up.

Jan. 9 – Possible Theft (Building 41) – A student reported a missing laptop computer after finding it was no longer in his backpack. The student had put his laptop in his backpack before driving to school. The student went to his first class, where his backpack was placed next to his seat and his laptop was not used. The student then went to the UNF game room, where his laptop was also left untouched, and to his next class, where his backpack was left near his seat and his laptop was not removed at any time. The student then drove home, where he discovered the laptop was missing. The student searched his home, his car and lost and found. Following these searches, the officer approached the student again in the game room, but the student had no new information and said he did not know if the laptop was missing or stolen. The student said he would contact the officer if the laptop was located.

Jan. 9 – Fraud Investigation (Building 41) – A complainant said she accessed an Internet website on which she signed up for a modelling service. The complainant said the website was to send her money to help with modelling fees, but she could not provide an address or phone number for the website. The website issued two checks, one for $2,600 and another for $1,950.25. The complainant attempted to deposit the first check into her account, but the check was removed for security reasons and not deposited. Bank representatives froze her account and advised her to contact police and file a report, based on the possibility of it being a fraudulent check. The second check came from a company with which the complainant was not familiar, so she did not attempt to deposit it. She then contacted UPD. A deposit receipt from the first check and the original second check were placed in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Property Room.

Jan. 9 – Lost Cellphone/Radio (Building 5) – A complainant reported his phone had been lost Dec. 10, as he moved between Buildings 4, 50 and 34. The black cell phone was last seen clipped to his tool bag on a cart. A search of the area by the complainant and his staff was unsuccessful.

Jan. 12 – Marijuana Possession and Use (Osprey Cove) – An RA of the building told the officer she smelled marijuana odor emanating from one of the rooms while completing her nightly rounds. The officer requested and was granted permission from the suspect to enter the room. Upon entering the room, the complainant stated she saw the suspect place drug paraphernalia inside the air conditioning unit and noticed a strong smell of marijuana. The officer asked the suspect if he was smoking marijuana and the suspect said no. The officer then asked if the suspect had any marijuana in the room. The suspect said he did and gave the officer a bag of marijuana. The suspect was read his rights and, upon further inspection, drug paraphernalia was confiscated and taken to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Property Room. The student was given a Notice to Appear for marijuana possession and was also referred to Student Conduct.

Maggie Seppi, Assistant News Editor

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