UNF’s secret free streaming service: Kanopy

Darvin Nelson, General Assignment Reporter

Award-winning movies like Parasite (2019) and Moonlight (2016) are at any University of North Florida (UNF) student’s disposal using Kanopy, a free educational streaming service. Kanopy also has a selection of diverse, informative documentaries that educate viewers on cultural and social atmospheres. 

All you need to do is make an account by starting at the Kanopy website. You’ll be asked to find your university and log in through your UNF account. After that, you will then be able to stream videos from a variety of topics including political science, medicine, history, narrative films, and more. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, Kanopy provides multiple categories to help narrow down your search. The “Essential Campus Collection” includes various films on critical race and ethnic studies, business & ethics, women’s studies and more.

A screenshot of the University of North Florida kanopy page.

Many of the films cover sensitive topics like race, sexual violence and religion. These films can be used to aid students in learning more about a topic, issue or event— or for mere entertainment.

Some students may be familiar with the platform, as some professors use it as a tool for assignments. But if this is brand new to you, don’t let this free media go to waste. These days, subscriptions for streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu can start adding up, so it’s nice having something that’s freely available.

Did I mention that there are no advertisements? What a deal! Free entertainment is just a few clicks away. 


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