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The cure is worse than the disease in “Side Effects”

Daniel Woodhouse

February 15, 2013

*Spoiler Alert: This review reveals something the trailers don't, but warns you before it does below. You know those commercials, advertising pills for severe conditions like headaches and whatnot? A person is way too happy an...

Matt Brockelman reflects on his year as Student Body President

Maggie Seppi

April 18, 2012

By: Maggie Seppi, Assistant News Editor Four years ago, Matt Brockelman had no idea he would run for UNF student body president. Then, he did and he won. He sat down with the Spinnaker to tell us what he has gained from the ...

Former student body president to rock SuperFest

Dargan Thompson

April 18, 2012

John Brandon remembers holding band rehearsals in abandoned UNF classrooms when he was a student in the late ‘90s. “We would rehearse there until security came and kicked us out, and we’d go on the other side of the...

A History of the Student Union

Zach Singer

April 8, 2012

By: Zach Singer, Contributing Writer Prior to serving as a comprehensive, student-oriented hub, receiving a nomination from AIA Florida and winning the Merit Design Award from American Institute of Architects in 2010, the Student...

Get to Know Your…

Olivia Osland

April 6, 2012

SG Senate President Pro-Tempore By: Olivia Osland, Contributing Writer Kyler Dykes recently assumed the position of Senate President Pro-Tempore. During his term as Pro-Tempore, Dykes will take over the Senate President’s re...

Senate validates Red Party’s 2012 SG elections sweep

Greg Parlier

April 4, 2012

By: Greg Parlier and Sarah Brown, Editor in Chief and Contributing Writer The Senate unanimously validated the 2012 Student Government elections March 19. The Red Party ticket of Carlo Fassi and Mike Naughton won the Presidential...

A failed campaign

Matt Head

March 20, 2012

By: Matt Head, OTV Station Manager The 2009 spring election was the last time an SG presidential candidate ran unopposed. Red Party candidate John Barnes breezed his way into a second term as student body president. This year, the spring...

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