Police Beat, Feb. 15

Maggie Seppi

Feb. 7 Marijuana Possession and Use (Lot 11) – An officer was conducting a vehicle patrol of Lot 11 when he smelled burning marijuana. The officer noticed two males leaning against a truck and proceeded to approach them. When the officer asked what they were doing, the two said they were smoking. The officer noticed a marijuana joint on the ground by the subjects’ feet. The subjects denied knowing what the joint was and said they did not know who it belonged to. When the officer asked the subjects for their driver’s licenses, he noticed they both smelled strongly of marijuana when he got closer to them. Lacking clear and concise evidence to make an arrest, the subjects were allowed to leave. A student conduct form was filled out. The marijuana joint was entered into property and evidence at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.


Feb. 8 Suspicious Package (Housing Postal Facility) – An officer met with a university housing postal employee who said he received a package that had a suspicious smell. Investigation of the name on the package revealed that UNF does not have a registered student living in housing by that name. The current resident of the room on the package had stopped by the postal service window a few days earlier to inquire about receiving a package under the name that was printed on the package in question. The officer suspected the package contained marijuana. The officer went to the student’s room, and he agreed to walk with the officer to the postal service window. Upon arrival at the post office, the student was given his rights. The student consented to a search of his dorm room, which turned up nothing. The student also agreed to make a written statement and gave the officer permission to search the package. The search revealed the package contained a cigarette box with several marijuana cigarettes inside. The subject said he had met a subject online who lived in California, with whom he exchanged numbers. The subject in California had told him he was going to send him a gift, which the student said he had suspected would be marijuana cigarettes. An inspector took possession of the package and all of its contents.


Feb. 9 Attempted Robbery/Gunpoint (UNF Drive) – An officer was conducting a vehicle patrol on UNF Drive when a van signaled him with its headlights. The driver of the van said the driver of the red car, located at this time behind this officer, tried to rob him and pointed a black automatic pistol at him. The officer told the van’s driver to pull over, call 911 and remain in the area because he was going to follow the red car. The officer proceeded to attempt to follow the car throughout the campus and radioed that if the vehicle turned toward North South Road, he was going to terminate the pursuit. As the officer and the driver approached the intersection of UNF Drive and North South Road, the driver continued on UNF Drive toward the housing area. The vehicle then headed toward Kernan Boulevard, and the officer turned off his lights but continued to follow to make sure the vehicle did not stop and the occupants did not exit the car onto campus with a gun. The vehicle accelerated to 90-100 mph and headed east on Kernan Boulevard. The officer returned to the area where the event initially took place, but he could not locate the victim or the white van. He and another officer conducted a canvass of the area to look for an abandoned gun. They also searched the sides of UNF Drive and the retention pond with negative results.


Feb. 10 Criminal Mischief (Osprey Ridge Road) – Upon arriving at the scene(s), an officer observed the speed limit of 20 mph on the first speed limit sign westbound on Osprey Ridge Road had been spray painted in an attempt to change the 20 mph to 50 mph. The officer also observed eight street light poles with spray paint damage, as well as two orange road information signs, a green water pump box and one recycled water sign. All areas with spray paint damage were on the west side of Osprey Ridge Road. The officer also noticed unknown suspect(s) had spray painted a word on the southwest corner of the Fountain Housing Complex. The word was redacted in the police report. A second reported sighting of hot pink paint was on the west side hand rail of the wooden bridge approximately 30 yards north of the crosswalk for UNF Drive. The officer noticed this appeared to be a pink highlighter instead of spray paint. A neighborhood canvass was not conducted because the incident occurred on the westbound side of the road. A case information card was not given to the complainant because she called UPD about the sign, but she was not present at the scene.


Feb. 12 Attempted Suicide (Osprey Village) – An officer met with the victim who was semi-coherent but conscious. The victim said she took approximately 20 prescription pills. On her desk, there was a spiral binder with several letters to friends and family, according to the police report. An involuntary mental health examination was completed, and the results were given to Jacksonville Fire Rescue personnel. The victim was transported to Memorial Hospital for treatment. The Area Coordinator and the victim’s mother were notified. The evidence was placed in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Property Room.


Feb. 13 Sick Person (Osprey Hall) – An officer met with the complainant who said he was vomiting, had stomach pains and was shaking. The complainant was evaluated by Jacksonville Fire and Rescue and was transported to the Mayo Clinic for further evaluation. The complainant’s emergency contact was notified.


Source: UPD