Baseball sees rain delay after USF game


The Osprey’s game against the University of South Florida Bulls was called due to excessive rain May 6 after four and a half innings, a 37-minute lightning delay and a two-RBI single by freshman infielder T.J. Gavlik.

The two-RBI single by Gavlik gave the Ospreys a 7-6 lead over the Bulls in the bottom of the fifth inning. Lightning in the third inning caused the first delay of the night.

With two outs in the first inning, the Ospreys rallied to take a 5-1 lead with help from a three-run home run to left-center field by junior first baseman Kevin Martin, his tenth of the season. Junior infielder TJ Thompson also contributed with an RBI double. Junior catcher David Eldredge scored twice in the game.

Osprey starting pitcher Antonio Franzese went 2.2 innings, giving up three hits, one run and three walks. He also earned two strike outs and was relieved by sophomore pitcher Robbie Collier in the top of the third inning. Collier went 1.1 innings, giving up two hits, four runs and four walks. Collier got three strike outs. Senior pitcher Mike Gottlieb pitched the fifth inning, giving up one hit, one run and one walk.

The Bulls came back in the top of the fifth inning after scoring five runs on two hits; including a three-RBI home run by South Florida first baseman Todd Brazeal. The Bulls totaled six hits in the game, while the Ospreys earned 10 hits before weather forced the game to be postponed.

Bulls starting pitcher Teddy Kaufman pitched until the game was postponed going 4.1 innings and giving up 10 hits, seven runs and four walks with four strike outs.

The game will resume May 12 when UNF is scheduled to travel to USF to play them in a regularly scheduled game. Once the May 6 postponed game is completed, the regularly scheduled game will begin.